ACUPUNCTURE Use of very fine, single use sterile needles to stimulate specific points of energy on the body. Evidence based research shows that Acupuncture triggers the body's own healing response by releasing endorphins, calming the nervous system and Restore physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. Meridian like electoral circuits in a  house or a system of rivers. ROOT CAUSE PLUS SX?? IN TCM HEADING?

FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE Facial Acupuncture is a completely natural Look and feel better.

• Increased blood circulation encourages oxygenation, detox and lymph drainage.
• Improves skin tone and texture.
• Stimulates collagen to plump up the skin.
• Tightens muscles in the face and neck.
• Increases cell regeneration filling out and smoothing lines and wrinkles.
• Regulates and balances hormones – in acne-type, stress-related and menopausal skin.

CUPPING Deep tissue therapy using heated glass cups that are applied to the body with suction to help relieve pain and tension,  and increase lymph and blood circulation. Most commonly used for aches and pains and respiratory issues such as coughing and wheezing